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Films To Enjoy With A French Wine

Here are the movies that we savor with delight, ideally with a TV tray on our knees and a delicious glass of the best French wine, a pleasure for us, our companions and our taste buds, either with the discovery of the life of the chefs or the gastronomy of the 4 corners of the world. We warn you that if you are not of legal age or if you are not accompanied by your parents, it is better that you leave the site, because the list contains some movies with images of the best sexe francais and we are not responsible for what these images may cause in your brain and those crazy hormones!


Marqués de Riscal winery at Rioja

Join us in this tour around one of the most famous wineries in Spain, and perhaps the one to visit if you are heading to Rioja region.

It is none apart from the City of Wine, the building appointed by the Herederos de Marqués de Riscal to the Canadian engineer Frank O. Gehry. The structure by the author of the Guggenheim in Bilbao, which stands apart for its advanced contorted panels in titanium as well as steel, was erected as a rite of passage in between the past and the future. Developed in 2000 and also inaugurated in 2006, the City of Wine incorporates the original buildings, consisting of a winery geared up with innovative innovation, a shop, and a luxury hotel, which additionally includes a Michelin-starred dining establishment (by Chef Francis Paniego) and also a vinotherapy health facility.